• Support a NYHomes Guarantee, ending homelessness for all New Yorkers
  • Support #UniversalRentControl and fight for good cause eviction
  • Support statewide restrictions on AirBnB
  • Fully fund public housing by taxing billionaires and the ultrawealthy


  • Extend the right to collective bargaining to all workers, including domestic workers and independent contractors
  • Support organizing drives at major employers to raise union density in New York
  • Repeal Taylor Law restrictions which make it difficult for public sector unions to bargain


  • Free tuition for all at CUNY and SUNY
  • More teachers and smaller class sizes in public schools
  • More social workers and fewer SROs (police officers) in public schools
  • Maintaining current restrictions on charter schools
  • End of abusive labor practices at CUNY/SUNY schools
  • Divesting from property taxes to fund education


  • Fight for New York Health Act, which would bring health care to uninsured New Yorkers
  • Bring maternity care to underserved counties in the 102nd district
  • Fight for funding for mental health care and student loan forgiveness for rural health workers

Cannabis Reform

  • Use funds/taxes generated by cannabis licenses and sales to repair communities ravaged by the war on drugs
  • Release those incarcerated due to cannabis arrests
  • Expunge the records of the felony disenfranchised due to cannabis arrests
  • Give farmers right of first refusals to grow cannabis
  • Give impacted communities first priority in opening and operating dispensaries


  • Support conversion to green energy and manufacturing jobs
  • Oppose fracking
  • Fight for full divestment from fossil fuels